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Learn the skill of eye contact flirting with a woman simply by embracing your playful mindset and transferring your flirty, playful thoughts about the woman from your eyes straight into hers.


Learn the skill of eye contact flirting with a woman by embracing your playful mindset and transferring your flirty, playful thoughts about the lady from your eyes directly into hers.

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6 Responses to “The particular Secrets to Eye Contact Flirting With Females During 3 Different Stages of an Interaction”

  1. thexbox360player Says:

    so i loved this boy for any really very long time. he resides in another town than i actually do and that i didnt really notice him until summer season. he does not possess a mobile phone either and that i mostly speak with him online sometimes. we’re both kinda quiet. i wanna day him and like he’s didn’t have a partner or perhaps kissed before. i’ll be seein him soon and i wish to flirt with him but idk how to proceed or say cause we’re both shy type . what must i do?

  2. sethburger Says:

    OK, honest to god guys, do you like to be tickled? I’ve heard that guys are kinda picky on that. Some people say that guys totally abhor it, while others say that guys enjoy it. Before any of you jump on the gun, I’m 16. Be a little gentle with the answers.

    P.S. Yes, I do enjoy tickling ><

  3. balinderk2000 Says:

    i truly desire a boyfriend and never appear desperate and each one informs me i have to put mysaef available and flirt what must i do and just how must i get it done

  4. ouch Says:

    Molly Genevieve

    Ensure that it stays classy or move along, ladies ♥

  5. mendhak Says:

    Help me, give me some pointers on how to flirt….e-practice would be fine! I want to get in with me best friend’s group, predominantly guys, and they all love to flirt. And i need a boyfriend.
    I want a boyfriend, and I also want to make it clearer to a guy that i like him w/o telling him, and I DO want to fit in. I don’y mind having a few friends, but still…a group would be nice. I am semi-accepted with them already.

  6. joevsyou Says:

    Yesterday I saw the boy I like in the cafeteria. I noticed him first and then he noticed me but I was pretending like I didn’t see him. I originally didn’t think he was going to say hi because it seems like he had been ignoring me lately. But he said hi to me first and then he gave me a hug. When I was leaving I saw him again and he walked up to me and said I was acting like I didn’t want to talk to him. I told him that was how he was acting and then he asked me if I was going to hang out with him later. I told him ‘I guess’ and it seemed like he got mad because I acted like I wasn’t sure. But I only said I guess because I didn’t want to sound too clingy. Then I said that I would hang out with him and he said he would text me later. I said ok. He never texted me. Why didn’t he text me if he was the one who asked me to hang out with him? Is it because I acted like I didn’t really want to?

    Anyways this is the same guy who I didn’t really like at first. He used to ask me to hang out almost everyday and I used to always blow him off. But we hung out a couple of times. Now he doesn’t really text me and I always have to text him first. After awhile I started to like him and I decided to tell him but I told him through text message. He never really said anything back he just asked me why I liked him and he said that we don’t really talk that much. He usually texts me back when I text him but it seems like I always have to text him first.

    I think he might like me but I am not sure and I think he might be playing hard to get now because that is what I used to do at first. He told me he was shy. Should I just ask him tomorrow if he likes me?

    Last night he texted me and asked me to spend the night at his house, but I said no.

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