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It' s funny how when you get that will feeling like the guy you are dating is growing rapidly definitely someone you want to be with, probably even settle down with – part of you kind of expects that he will probably be feeling the same exact way.


6 Responses to “Sometimes Too Fast is Just Too Fast When You Want Your pet to Commit”

  1. Clayton Cottrell Says:

    Im enjoy creatures specificaly reptiles. I’ve got a bearded dragon and wish to know from somebody that has a reptile or no of this they wish to suggest.

    Iwant it not to need ultra violet not require much heating can be treated alot and it is nicely colored. I’ll research much more about wut u let me know. Among the finest a few recommendations. Plus some care and cage needs

  2. Chester Says:

    Well im not sure how to put this but here it goes , I asked a question here on yahoo answers a couple years ago “why am i silent all the time” and i guess the answer that i chose that was the best was right. I don’t really say mutch because i don’t think it’ll be anything good or I’m afraid of being put down again. Even when some one asks me why im so quiet i don’t really know how to respond. Like one time this one girl in my environmental science class that’s always hiper for some reason asked me why am I so quiet I just shrugged my shoulder. I also didn’t feel like yelling across the classroom. I haven’t really had a problem with my quietness until now.
    I guess I chose not to go for counseling was because i felt comfortable the way i am , im a junior in high school now . so 2 months ago i realized that the school year was almost over (this year went by fast for some reason) and i feel like nothing has really changed in my life, ive been doing the same thing since 7th grade : go to class,talk to a friend for a bit, do whatever i need to do in class, get on the bus when schools over and get off at the right stop , hang out with friends when i get a chance. I feel like I wasted four years of my life doing the same thing over and over and over again, I’ve never had a girlfriend most of my friends have had girlfriends Whenever I saw a couple in the hallway i didn’t really think Mitch about it, now when i see a couple i think ” what’s wrong with me, will that ever happen to me ?” . Lately I have been thinking ” is this how the rest of my life is gonna be ? , ill be alone and doing the same dam thing every day until i die one day”. i do talk to girls every now and then but the conversation is usually quick. I even started thinking about that one girl that I mentioned earlier in my environmental science class for some reason . I never really thought of her much before ,at first I just thought “oh great another hyped up ready to learn teachers pet” even though she didn’t look like it at all until she started talking . I didn’t start thinking about her alot more until the seniors left. The class was mostly seniors and after the seniors were done for the school year I moved to a seat next to one of my friends. And that girl sat at the table in front of him. I guess it was just good to see someone full of energy and happy most of the time , I didn’t even talk to her much . I keep thinking that i’ll be lonely for the rest of my life . I’m not going to commit suicide because I know it’s not going to solve the problem, I didnt even think about suicide. I don’t want to try any antidepressants , I tried to exercise alot it helped for a bit but that was temporary. Even doing something I like to do didn’t help , such as playing soccer or video games.
    Im lost I don’t know what to do from here , should I just try to ignore that feeling and go on with my life? I don’t want to talk to a therapist and I really don’t want talk to anyone I know about this because this is the first time I have felt like I needed to talk about this. Even if I did say this to someone I know I think they wouldn’t really know what to say. Because I have never opened up to anyone before.

  3. jordenkotor Says:

    Yes, to suicide. Don’t produce any garbage about how exactly “Jesus loves only you possess a full existence in front of you”. I am Jewish. Overcome yourself cuz you cannot save me now. I am only 13 and so i require a cheep and good way to off myself. I curently have therapy: No Longer Working. I am already on some meds so do not attempt and recommend me. I wish to die. Finish of story. Give me some assistance to complete the task. Remember: NOT PAINFUL!!!

  4. apleaforbrandon Says:

    Hey I am Ashley And That I May Be Obtaining A New Friend(Doggy) In My B-Day(October 15) Or Sooner And So I Have The TimeOr Or Possibly To Not Consider What Type I Would Like But I have Simplified It Lower To 2 Dogs…..

    A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Or Shih Tzu Puppy

    And I’m Wondering Which Usually Are The Most Expensive To Purchase….And Groomed

    I Needed A Shih Tzu Until I Seen Photos Of How Lengthy There Fur Could Possibly Get And That I Wished To Know Will It Grow Fast

    As Well As Will The Yorkie Hair Usually Grow As Quickly So That As Lengthy Because The Shih Tzu Because The Moment I Seen The Yorkie I Fell For Each Other!!

    Also Let Me Know Which Is More adorable For You The Photos Are Puppies Because I am Obtaining A Pup

    Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie”




    Shih Tzu




  5. Anny Says:

    Im 13 and this is the first bunny im getting. So I have a few questions I hope you can answer. :)

    - What breed of bunny is best for a first time owner?
    - I want a breed that is calm yet playful. Is there any bunnies like that?
    - How often do they bite? Does it hurt?
    - How long does it take for them to be comfortable around me?
    - Are they good with other animals? (I have a yorkie and 3 cats)

    Those are some of my big questions I have about them. Hope you can answer them. Thanks :)

  6. Hotshot t Says:

    So my lava lamp keeps turning on by itself at night. It’s supposed to be a dark blue color, but the stuff inside keeps turning a lighter color. I’m really scared. It also fell from my shelf once, didn’t break, and now ever since the liquid swirls around faster. I’m not sure why it’s doing these things… also my mom said while I was at school she came in my room and turned it off. I know I turned it off that day. I know this is crazy, but is my lava lamp haunted?????

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