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What happens when you are friends with a guy, but you want more than that? What should you do if that is the situation that you find yourself in? This article should help you out.


5 Responses to “This individual Only Seems to Want to be Friends and am Was Hoping for More Than That”

  1. timq3dimensionscom Says:

    Will anybody you never know tell about how exactly awful filing personal bankruptcy could be?

  2. jordenkotor Says:

    this guy i use to date who I hardly talk to has been saying some really nice things about me to his friends. So much, in fact that some of his friends have asked me out..I never did anything with him because we dated shortly..Yet, he and his friends think highly me, for example he said, ” kim has a big heart”. Also, his friend said that i am beautiful, sweet, sensitive, and outrageously funny…

  3. ScRSC Says:

    I honestly don’t know what to do anymore, I’m bombarded with a hopeless America and more and more reports of “hard economic times” and seeing more of my friends and loved ones pay the price for it. Is there any future for Americans? And if there is no future what reason do we have to contenue living anyways, what hope do we have?

    And then to add insult to injury, given the actions of ourselves and our government, did we earn this? Do we even deserve any hope, any right to live on?
    I’m probably over reacting, but I’m surounded by a lot of negative regarding this at the moment.

  4. sean Says:

    and i dont want him to see any of the other friends in my list, the posts which i write on other’s wall, photos i am tagged in, my photo updates etc.And also i dont want my other friends to see what he posted on my wall.

    i want him to see only what i write on his wall, and what he writes on my wall, my status updates.
    is that possible ? if yes, how?

  5. cardskid22 Says:

    We are friends with the tiny black ant. This ant goes about its business working diligently to protect its queen. It reminds us so much of the goings and comings of man. They seem to be individuals, but we hope to find out specifically.

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